Call for adapted supermarket trolleys for disabled children!

disabletrolleyStacie Lewis, (who used to come to Small Steps with her daughter May), has been campaigning for all the major supermarkets to install disabled trolleys for children in their stores.
As a result of some coverage from BBC Radio 4 and articles on Stacie’s blog (, Tesco’s in Brixton, Morrisons in Streatham, Sainsburys in Upper Norwood and Waitrose in Beckenham now all have disabled trolleys (though they are only a seat with a lap strap so will not be appropriate for all of Small Steps children). Stacie is hoping that more supermarkets will order disabled trolleys soon.

Have you seen trolleys for disabled children at your local supermarket? If so, why not share details here to let other families know about it… ¬†and if not, why not contact your local Supermarket to ask them to provide one!

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