Small Steps Cake Stall at QVC was a Big Hit!

We’re very excited to have been chosen as one of the QVC’s charities this year! The staff fundraise for their corporate charities by holding sample sales, bake sales, raffles and undertaking mentoring, coaching, gardening and painting and lots more!  The first ‘Sample Sale’ took place last week and Small Steps had a cake stall at the event. A big thank you to all who helped to supply us with the fabulous array of cakes and cookies for the stall.  A couple of hundred QVC staff turned up to rummage through ex-display / sample sale goods and were very pleased to have a Cake Stall that was positively groaning under the weight of masses of yummy cakes!

The fact that we had such an amazing selection of cakes was a real talking point. We raised well over £150 on the day, but the real value was in the fact that people spent time choosing their cake(s) and asking about our charity. ‘What did we do’? ‘Where were we based?’ and most importantly, ‘Who had made all of these cookies, brownies and cakes?’ More than one person came back and put their lose change in our money boxes and a few even came back after the sale was over, to thank us for bringing gluten  and dairy free options. The QVC team, could not have been more helpful and were a dream to work with, helping with set -up, clearing up and selling the cakes on the day.  Thanks also to George’s Dad, James who nominated us as a QVC charity in the first place. We look forward to more events throughout the year.

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