Steph does the Colour Run for Small Steps

Thank you to Stephanie did the 5k Colour Run on Sunday 12th June in Wembley to raise funds for Small Steps!  Steph explains more about why she chose Small Steps as her charity… 

“I have chosen to run for Small Steps, a small charity in London who help children with special needs, from birth to 5years. I have had the great pleasure of being involved and seeing the amazing work that Small Steps does to help these children. 

I am a nanny for a wonderful little boy who is a true inspiration. I have been his nanny since he was 18months old and I have seen him overcome many obsticles and prove a lot of people wrong. T has cerebral palsy and if wasn’t for places like small steps, I don’t think we would have seen T achieve so much. 

All the children at Small Steps have cerebral palsy, other forms of motor impairment, syndromes or sensory impairment. They need a great deal of extra stimulation and assistance to help them reach even the most basic milestones. At Small Steps, a teacher, conductor and physiotherapist lead both parent and child through a structured programme designed to help each child achieve individualised developmental steps. 

The work of Small Steps is truly inspirational and I would be extremely grateful for your support for this very worthy cause. Small Steps receives no statutory funding and is solely dependent on charitable grants, fundraising and donations, so no matter what the amount, every little bit will make a big difference! Please help Small Steps continue their amazing work enhancing the lives of disabled children and their families. Thank you!” 

It’s still not too late to donate what you can on Steph’s fundraising page  Thank you.

the colour run


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