Wine not? A Marathon with a difference!

On 8th September, five “highly-trained wine drinkers and severely lapsed athletes” (by their own admission!) will take on the Marathon du Medoc in France.  A 26.2-mile run with a feast of oysters, cheese, entrecôte and foie gras, all washed down with up to 23 glasses of wine!

The annual Marathon du Medoc, is a truly Gallic event. Participants must tackle the hallowed distance, but refreshments are the sort you’d expect at a lavish party hosted by Gerard Depardieu: enough wine to fill a swimming pool, towers of mussels, and even ice cream. It’s the south of France in September too, so expect it to be hot (the forecast for the weekend is for temperatures of up to 32C).Oh, and fancy dress is compulsory!

If you’d like to show your support for our intrepid 5, you can donate on their fundraising page here:

Thank you so much!

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