Testimonials – what our families say about Small Steps…

Small Steps is the first special needs playgroup that we attended. We found it very difficult during the first two years of Mia’s life as I had no access to such a group and very little support. Small Steps has given Mia and I valuable experiences & opened up our world to the possibilities of Mia progressing. Mia is benefitting from all that you have taught us, as I am now able to implement your lessons into play at home. Medical professionals often refer to Mia’s quality of life as ‘poor’. Well, seeing her express her happiness at Small Steps & having fun, I know she is more than capable of having a good quality of life. For myself, having the opportunity to meet up with other parents/carers & seeing Mia interact at ease with others has been a blessing. We are eternally grateful for all you have done for both of us. [Graduated December 2009]
Alfie has learned so much at Small Steps! To roll, creep, kneel, crawl, stand up, sit down. To make choices, to wait his turn, to try to interact with his classmates. He has changed from being a floppy 15 month unable to sit up unaided and giving very little eye contact to an extrovert, vocal and smiley 3 year old who can not only crawl at a rate of knots but will stand at a walking frame without even a pair of leg gaiters on! I have learned how to help Alfie progress physically using exercises disguised as fun and with lots of singing! I have gained knowledge of and practice with the fantastic equipment Small Steps uses. Not to mention a wealth of knowledge, advice and encouragement from Small Steps Staff. And insight and support from other parents.
I feel the whole experience of the last 2 years at Small Steps has made me grow as a person and appreciate life more and above all has been a slow burning, revelatory introduction into the world of disability which I am now so at home with. Through their dedication, expertise and compassion I gradually shed my anxieties to embrace my new life with a disabled child. Thank you Small Steps!” [Graduated Summer 2011]
Joining Small Steps was our first introduction to Conductive Education. A whole new world opened up to us as a family – for years we were told by health professionals about everything Alek couldn’t do & won’t be able to do, at Small Steps we met staff who were positive and encouraging & who told us what Alek CAN DO and how he will achieve what he currently can’t. After participating at SS for a few terms, we have seen great improvement both in physical ability and in mental strength: Alek started off always saying he can’t do things, whereas now he is adamant he wants to give things a go and his attitude is that he can do anything anybody else can. As parents, we have received endless support & encouragement. [Graduated July 2008]
Barney’s gross motor skills have greatly improved since joining Small Steps. In particular he has learnt some great transfer skills and can now crawl using all-fours for a longer period of time. He now also has a better understanding of the concept of walking and he can do assisted side-steps. For us it has been great to have weekly therapy input over and above what the NHS offers.  [Graduated December 2009]
I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for Christopher and myself. It has been very motivating for us both. Giving me ideas for fun games and physical exercises for me to do with him at home. It has given us both something positive to look forwards to each week and I feel that with your help I have tried to improve Christopher’s quality of life. As for him, he has enjoyed himself so much and learnt masses. He has come on a great deal mentally and physically thanks to your help and support. [Graduated December 2009]
When Alanni joined Small Steps at 13months of age the future seemed very unsure for her and us. We were unsure how best to deal with her special needs and what the future might hold for her. Three years on and all three of us are in a very different place. Alanni is achieving more than we ever hoped for (now independently mobile & a very sociable little girl) and the future no longer seems quite so daunting. The advice, encouragement and support that we have received from Small Steps has played a fundamental part in that transformation. Thank you for everything you have done, we will never forget it and will stay in touch.”[Graduated December 2009]
Small Steps was timed perfectly for Ignatius. He was just at the point where he was considering walking and the help and support from all the excellent staff guided him along perfectly. Although we no longer need weekly intervention it would be useful to have termly/6 monthly checks to offer guidance and answer concerns eg walking with wide leg gait, support boots, balance etc. I don’t know whether this would be possible though as I know there are huge demands on your service.  [Graduated August 2009]