Steve and Sam take on the Edinburgh Marathon for Small Steps


Joseph at Small Steps

 We are so grateful to Joseph’s Dad, Steve and his friend Sam, who ran the Edinburgh Marathon on 29 May and raised over £3,300 for Small Steps!  Steve explains why;

As some of you know, our son Joseph had problems at birth. As a result of these problems it was touch and go as to whether or not he would survive, but survive he did. Joe is now nearly two years old and is a bright and generally happy little boy, but for all the laughs and smiles he has to live with the result of the problems at birth and has been diagnosed with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. What does this mean you ask?? Well, it means that Joe does not have full use of any of his limbs, his mobility is severely restricted, his muscles are tightened to the point that they are often cramped, it means Joseph can’t sit up unsupported and at this point in time the prospect of Joe even standing up, never mind walking is a pipe dream.

What we do have though is hope and this hope is brought to us in the form of the charity Small Steps which is based in Roehampton. The charity is ran 100% on donations and receives no government funding. Joseph has been attending Small Steps for four months and whilst his progress is slow, he is making Small Steps that will hopefully lead to his own Giant Strides.

Every penny counts for this wonderful charity and Joseph is benefitting from the goodwill and generosity of donors of children that have gone before him. It would be amazing to be able to provide another family with the same hope for their child as what Jen and I get for Joseph.

If you are able to donate even a few pounds then we would be ever so grateful. Thank you all inadvance x x”

You can still make a donation on Steve’s Just Giving page or Sam’s Just Giving Page by clicking the links.  Thank you.

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